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Out of Order

 by Monique Pelser | 2020 |  6min 37s

Within the guise of a diaristic Youtube post, the artist performs the formalised conventions of aspects of the research process for this project, as she reads through portions of the invitation letter; then slips in and out of recounting and embodying selections of a participant’s transcript from a study* looking at first generation Black academic women in South Africa; before confirming her consent as the artist-researcher to participate in the project. 

Filming herself constrained within narrow confines - her back against the wall with the camera’s gaze within an arm’s reach – the artist self-consciously foregrounds the politics of representation in the hyperbolic whiteness of her skin, shirt and studio background. 

* Grace Idahosa & Louise Vincent (2014) Losing, using, refusing, cruising: First-generation South African women academics narrate the complexity of marginality, Agenda, 28:1, 59-71, DOI: 10.1080/10130950.2014.874766

Out of Order
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